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My Favorite Creepy Characters in Christmas Movies

It’s finally here! My least favorite time of year! Well…sort of, as I get older I find my self liking Christmas less and less but I hang in there every year because my kids expect me to be Clark Griswold and bring them the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye every single year. The one thing I can count on keeping me sane adjacent is my favorite Christmas movies that have creepy characters in them.

Overall, I think Christmas has a creepy vibe on its own, you take your child to sit on a strange old man’s lap and beg for toys, exactly how is that not creepy all on its own?

But I digress, lets get on with the point of this post. 😉

Lew Hayward

“Now these characters are not in a particular order, but I have to say that John Forsythe’s portrayal of Lew Hayward in the movie “Scrooged” is one of my favorites. In this film, Lew is the “Jacob Marley” ghost that is the first ghost to visit Frank Cross aka Scrooge in this modernized version of “A Christmas Carol”. I love everything about the look of this ghost, a very decayed corpse, covered in cobwebs and dust, and my favorite part of all, the fact that a mouse lives inside of his rotting skull and pops out to make an appearance while Lew warns Frank about the 3 other ghosts that will be visiting him that evening after he leaves.

Der Klown

Der Klown is one of the many twisted, demonic toys that Krampus has brought to torment the Engle family in the 2015 horror-comedy “Krampus”. Der Klown is an oversized Jack in the Box with rows of sharp teeth and a lower jaw that can stretch to be larger for consuming children (it honestly reminds me of Predator sort of LOL). This thing just screams creepy, especially when the parents discover one of their children being swallowed by this awful toy.


While Stripe isn’t my favorite gremlin, he is most definitely the creepiest. From the moment that he popped out of Gizmo’s back thanks to Corey Feldman’s clumsiness getting Gizmo wet, he is the complete opposite of Gizmo even when he’s a Mogwai. He’s rude, conniving, and just downright evil and he does his damnedest to ruin everyone’s Christmas.


How on earth could this be a creepy Christmas character post without the main man Krampus himself. Because he is not only a movie character, but a character of folklore as well, Everyone’s idea of what Krampus looks like varies. The one from the previously mentioned movie “Krampus” however is my favorite. This version of Krampus is much more frightening and overpowering than the versions we see outside of the movie. To me, this is what the Anti-Santa Claus should look like.

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