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Pass The True Crime Please – The Grizzly Thanksgiving Murder Of Bill Nelson

Hey gang! It’s another Thursday in November so you know what that means, it’s time for another true crime case that happened on Thanksgiving. Once again I will warn you that this story is not for those of you that are squeamish, and if you decide to skip reading this post I won’t be offended. 🙂

Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you about this crazy lady below

According to her lawyer, Egyptian-born fashion model Omaima Nelson has had a very rough life. Allegedly she was abused as a child including being mutilated and molested, and that led to her being in many a dysfunctional and sadistic relationship with various men after she moved to the United States. In September or October of 1991, a 23 year old Omaima met a 56 year old man at a bar named Bill Nelson. It was supposedly love at first site and the couple dated, got engaged and married all within days of meeting each other. Bill even took Omaima on a honeymoon to Texas and Arkansas to meet his relatives before heading back home to start a happy life and spend their first Thanksgiving together.

“The honeymoon ended as dramatically as any in American legal history,” wrote Appellate Court Justice William Bedsworth in a 2000 opinion upholding her murder conviction.

On Thanksgiving day 1991, just 3 short weeks after getting married, something went horribly wrong. According to Omaiama, her new husband was a brutal abuser that had beaten and raped her repeatedly since they had said their “I do’s” even supposedly “pimping” her out to his friends for sex. During a particularly violent sexual assault on Thanksgiving day she decided she had had enough and defended herself by stabbing Bill repeatedly with a pair of scissors then grabbing an iron and bludgeoning him with it until the iron broke.

Now I am not victim blaming this woman, and if what she is saying is true she had every right to defend herself. However the next actions she took were not necessary and monstrous leading me to believe that Bill was none of the things Omaima claimed he was.

After her husband died from blunt force trauma to his head, Omaiama dismembered his body, beheaded him, deep fried his head and then placed it in a plastic tub in the freezer. Next she boiled his hands to remove Bills finger prints, then mixed up the rest of his his body parts with leftover turkey and disposed of him in a garbage disposal. Neighbors claim they heard the disposal unit running for hours after the time of Bill’s death.

She also reportedly castrated him in revenge for his alleged sexual assaults, and later told her psychiatrist that she had cooked her husband’s ribs in barbecue sauce and eaten them, but then later denied it.

On December 2nd, 1991 Omaiama was arrested on suspicion of murder, and her trial started exactly 1 year later on December 2nd, 1992. She was found guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to 27 years to life at the California Institution for Women. She has been denied parole twice since being incarcerated, the first time in 2006 when commissioners found her unpredictable and a serious threat to public safety.” Then when she became eligible again in 2011, but was denied by the parole board again, citing that she had not taken responsibility for the murder, and would not be a productive citizen if she were freed. She will not be able to seek parole again until 2026.

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