4 Ways To Celebrate Halloween Year Round

It’s a few days past Halloween, our candy hangovers are wearing off, the mild feeling of melancholy from scary movies not being on TV 24/7 has set in, and worst of all, the holiday commercials have begun appearing for “Black Friday”. For people like you and me that like to keep it spooky year-round, it can be a rough time, so I thought I would brainstorm some ideas to help you stay in the spirit of the Halloween 365 days a year.

Create spooky themed playlists

Music is a surefire way to get me into a specific mood, so what better way to stay in a spooky mood than with a spooky playlist. I’ve made plenty of playlists (and mix tapes) in my day, like this one, but one of my fellow favorite Halloween blogs Spooky Little Halloween has a whole gaggle of themed playlists to keep you in a spooky mood.

Plan a spooky getaway

From haunted houses to creepy historical landmarks, the world is full of spooky places to visit and explore like Salem, MA, Sleepy Hollow, NY here in the states, to Ireland where many of the Halloween traditions we hold to today were created.

Sign up for a subscription box

Do you like getting surprises in the mail? (I mean good surprises, not bills.). Whether its bones or horror collectibles, Cratejoy has all sorts of cool subscription boxes that are geared towards the individual who loves to keep it creepy year round. Just search under the “unique” category and you will find a lot of future happy mail.

Visit a cemetery

One of my favorite spooky hobbies is visiting cemeteries. I love taking photos of the beautiful tombstones and reading the epitaphs, and because I am a witch I also like to take appropriate environmentally friendly offerings to honor the spirits of people who have gone before us. If you decide to visit a cemetery, PLEASE follow all the rules of the cemetery, respect the graves by not walking on them, but between them, and don’t touch the tombstones, especially the older ones that can be very fragile.

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