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Minute Movie Review – Shudder’s ’Deadstream’

Firstly, welcome to my first Minute Movie Reviews! Long story short, I love doing reviews on the horror movies I watch, but having ADHD, I lack the patience to do long detailed reviews like most sites. So my reviews will be short and ADHD friendly. Secondly, let me start by apologizing for the lateness of this review. For me, this October has been all sorts of busy and that’s on top of starting this blog. This is why I didn’t discover the gem of a movie ‘Deadstream’ on Shudder until a few days ago.

‘Deadstream’ is a Shudder original about a washed-up, controversial Youtuber who tries to win back his fans by spending one night in a haunted house and live-streaming the entire event. When he accidentally releases one of the angry spirits, he suddenly finds himself fighting for his life as well as for his career.

At a time when I thought the found footage genre was starting to get boring, ‘Deadstream’ reeled me back in with its humor (that is gross in a good way at times), jump scares, and mocking of some of the more obnoxious YouTubers I’ve seen over the years. When a horror movie makes me laugh and scream as this one did, it’s a keeper.

So if you’re looking for something a little more lighthearted to watch over the Halloweekend, ‘Deadstream’ is a two severed thumbs up suggestion from me.

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