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4 Ways To Celebrate Halloween Year Round

It’s a few days past Halloween, our candy hangovers are wearing off, the mild feeling of melancholy from scary movies not being on TV 24/7 has set in, and worst of all, the holiday commercials have begun appearing for “Black Friday”. For people like you and me that like to keep it spooky year-round, it can be a rough time, so I thought I would brainstorm some ideas to help you stay in the spirit of Halloween 365 days a year.


It’s finally here! The best damn day of the whole fucking year! For your amusement, here is little me circa 1978/79’ ish. If you think you recognize this costume, its because this is the same mask that Rob Zombie used a replica of for a little Michael Meyers to wear in his reimagining of ’Halloween’….

The 4 Ways My Family Celebrates Halloween Without Trick or Treating

I have a confession to make…I am elated that my kids are now officially too old to trick or treat. Its not that I don’t like trick or treating, my body doesn’t like it, more specifically my arthritic ankle that broke almost two years ago, my asthma, and my social anxiety doesn’t like it.

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